Our staff has a commitment to establish a safe and secure environment for all individuals that interact with our operations. We meet stringent safety qualification standards for our customers, because they expect us to. It’s an easy thing to do, because we believe it’s our responsibility to keep our people safe.

We see our approach to safety in 3 stages:



Commit to having open channels of communication for the highest safety standards and dedicate oneself to eliminating safety incidents and injuries in all aspects of the workplace. Safety is not something we simply implement, but rather the lens through which we see all work. It’s a posture of ownership that is embodied in all of our employees.

Construction Workers Surveying Building Layout



To work at Thrash is to constantly improve. We train our team to recognize potential hazards and how to mitigate each hazard before they’re a threat to anyone’s well-being. All Thrash supervisors must complete OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training courses and weekly Toolbox talks for proper safety techniques are implemented on every job no matter the size. Keeping yourself and other safe is a matter of humble willingness to improve.

Construction worker placing ceiling tile



We believe that improving our workplace safety is something that needs to be encouraged at all levels. When we see examples of proper safety being implemented, we celebrate it. In 2021, our team has implemented the Quarterly Safety Award given to staff that exemplify commitment and execution of our safety procedures.

Construction Worker Marking Measurement

Why Thrash?

Since 1977, Thrash has been exceeding expectations throughout every stage of the construction process. Our talented team brings a level of attentive communication and detailed execution that controls risk, increases value, and delivers successful projects time and time again.