2 Mississippi Museums

Size :  425,000 SF
Type :  Government

Hard Bid Delivery Method

Value Engineering Services Provided

The above referenced project located at 222 North Street in Jackson Mississippi is a massive concrete/limestone building envelope that consists of 35,000 cubic yards of concrete that make up its 450,000 SF of Finished Concrete Slab Structure.  The diverse structure included conventional shored slabs, metal pan slabs, and post tension slabs.  It is made up of multiple basement levels, two floors, and underground parking garages. The deep foundation has a total of 2200 auger cast piles drilled and poured thirty plus feet below its numerous pile caps that support it.  Prior to bringing the structure out of the ground, a major dirt operation was carried out where we relocated over 120,000 cubic yards of dirt. 


In order to perform the required undercuts for both buildings, a soil nail wall and soldier piles were placed to support adjacent soils. The soil nail wall was approximately thirty feet in height by three hundred feet in length. Thrash worked alongside two museum exhibit contractors. Total cost of Phase 1 & 2 was 69 Million.