Pearl River

Elementary School

Size :  30,500 SF
Type :  Education

Hard Bid Delivery Method

Value Engineering Services Provided

The Pearl River Elementary School Expansion project consist of a 30,500 SF, stand alone, addition for grades 3 through 6. The building was designed and constructed using structural steel framing and heavy gauge metal stud framing. Brick veneer and EFIS wrap the exterior of the building to create a weatherproof shell. The interior of the building has been finished with high abuse gypsum board on walls, textile composite carpet tile on floors, and acoustical grid system for ceilings. All of the 21 classrooms are equipped with custom millwork for storage of everyday supplies. A computer lab, tutoring rooms, special education rooms, ADA restrooms, and a teacher’s lounge can also be found within the walls of the Pearl River Elementary Expansion project.


Two new playgrounds with advanced equipment and poured rubber surfacing are also included in the project. One will serve ages 2-5 and the other will serve ages 6-12. At the main entry of the new building, you can find three, unique, architectural canopies that were built using structural steel, prefinished wood beams & decking, TPO roofing, and masonry column wraps. The existing buildings located on this campus also receive exterior renovations to match the appearance of the new addition.