Georgia Blue Restaurant

Size :  13,590 SF
Type :  Restaurant

Design-Build Delivery Method

Preconstruction Services Provided

Georgia Blue Restaurant located in Madison, MS is a 2-story facility that has structural steel framing, steel joist and deck for main support assemblies.  Exterior envelope consists of metal stud framing, sheathing assembly, brick veneer, aluminum storefront, tapered insulation roof, and metal roof panels for exterior dining spaces.  Interior construction consists of metal stud framing, painted gypsum walls, reclaimed wood wainscot, floor-to-ceiling stainless steel in kitchen, lay-in tile ceiling, painted exposed structure, reclaimed wood ceilings, and decorative epoxy flooring.

Notable features of the building are media center, outdoor dining spaces, reclaimed wood millwork and whiskey barrel wall at main bar, exterior operable barn doors at second floor, open banquet space with overlooking balcony above.