Our Services

Preconstruction & Initial Design Coordination

Thrash Commercial offers full service Pre-Construction services. The best time for us to get involved with your project is during the very early stages when it is just an idea or a concept that you want to pursue. Many times, decisions are made early on in the life of a project without the input of an experienced general contractor and cost estimator, and this can cause problems for the owner in the future such as cost overruns on budget and costly re-work of design and drawings.

We encourage you to engage Thrash Commercial very early in the life of your project. We need to meet, talk, and communicate so that we can listen to your goals and desires. Because of our wealth of estimating experience, an initial meeting can often produce a preliminary cost estimate for you if we have some idea of the type and square footage of the building and the type of site we will be working on. After the initial meetings we can assist with site selection to minimize cost, gathering of soils data and bearing capacity of soils, coordination of production of initial surveying and design drawings necessary to start budget pricing, and gathering of initial design requirements from the government entities regulating the construction.

Preconstruction has been where many of our past projects have started. We just start out talking with a potential customer and then begin to help them start the complex process of getting a project to the point that a building permit can be obtained. This is not a simple or easy process as it was in days gone by. The building codes that regulate construction have become more complex, and the governments regulating the construction have put more rules and regulations in place that have to be followed. We find that many times the actual construction is the easy part of the project. The hard work comes in during Preconstruction where many problems arise that have to be solved. It takes experience and know how to solve these problems, and that is what Thrash Commercial offers to you.

Choice of Delivery Method

One of the main parts of the PreConstruction process will be for us to advise the Owner of the different types of Contract Delivery and assist in making the best decision of which Delivery method to use. The three primary types of delivery used today are General Contracting, Design-Build, and Construction Management. These will be discussed in more detail below. The method selected will influence how the cost estimating for the project is done.

Budgeting, Cost Estimating, & Negotiation

Thrash Commercial has been cost estimating multi million dollar construction projects for over 15 years. This has enabled us to build a tremendous database of historical costs per square foot for many different types of building projects. We have the ability to give you a reasonable idea of what your project will cost early in the project before much of the design work and drawings are done. We can do this if we know the type of building, square footage, and the general characteristics of the site. This gives both the Owner and the Contractor a budget idea and a point to move forward from in the Preconstruction process. From this point we are able to work with you at several different mile markers in the design process to give you feedback on what the project will cost. This gives you the ability to modify the design during the design process so that the Contract Amount can end up being within your cost budget for the Project.

Our team of estimators has the experience from years of bidding projects anywhere from small projects up to 60 million dollar single projects. Our company uses the latest estimating software, electronic on screen take off software, and earthwork software in order to produce accurate estimates in a very timely manner for your decision making. We are very familiar in working back and forth with the Owner during the Preconstruction process to negotiate and arrive at a Contract Price that is suitable and agreeable to both parties. We encourage you to let us put this experience and knowledge to work for you.

General Contracting

The General Contracting method should be chosen when the Owner desires that the Design Drawings and Specifications be fully complete and approved before the Contract Price is fully agreed to. In this method the Contractor will be fully responsible to the Owner for the Construction of the facility. The Architect/Engineer team will contract directly with the Owner and be fully responsible to the Owner for the Design of the project. In this method, Thrash Commercial can assist the Owner in the selection of the Architect/Engineer team early in the project, and assist the Architect/Owner with cost control during the design phase of the project. As you can see from our Portfolio of work, Thrash Commercial has significant experience with the General Contracting delivery, particularly with large Government entities. Thrash has and can easily apply this experience in the private market realm.

Design – Build Contracting

Thrash Commercial has performed many, many projects by the Design Build delivery method in the past. In this method, the General Contractor is contractually responsible to the Owner for the Design of the project, as well as the Construction of the project. The Owner only has to look to one entity, the General Contractor, for total responsibility for design, construction, and cost. We typically see Owners choose this method when they only want to deal with one entity or when time is lacking and the Owner needs the final design of the project to overlap some with early phases of field construction in order for the overall project to be done in a shorter time frame than the General Contracting method will allow.

Thrash Commercial has performed Design – Build contracts in the past for All Seasons Worship Center, Crossgates Baptist Church, Continental Carbonics Manufacturing, Crossroads Baptist Church, Deployed Resources, Inc., East Rankin Academy, Ergon, Flora United Methodist Church, Georgia Blue Restauraunts, Grace Chapel Presbyterian Church, Bob Boyte Honda, Jamie Wier

Construction Management

The third method of delivery that an Owner can typically consider is a Construction Manager type contract. In this method, the Construction Manager assists the Owner by breaking the entire building project up into a number of distinct bidding packages. The Construction Manager then solicits bids from contractors on these bid packages. The Construction Manager helps the Owner engage a different contractor to be responsible for each of the Scopes of Work represented by a Bid Package. Then the Construction Manager works for the Owner by coordinating the work of all of the contractors that are responsible for a Bid Package.

Thrash Commercial Contractors will perform these Construction Manager services for an Owner who is in need of them. Typically, a Construction Manager as Advisor or a Construction Manager at Risk type of contract is used between the Owner and the Construction Manager.

LEED Certified Construction

Thrash Commercial stands ready and willing to help our Customers achieve LEED standards for their building project. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED design standards and requirements help you to create a building and a site that is friendly to our environment, conservative on Energy use and costs far into the future, and healthy and enjoyable for the occupants of the building.

Matt McWilliams, Principal, is a certified LEED AP for Building Design and Construction. Thrash has completed two LEED Silver projects. The first project was the Administration Building for the Rankin County School District in Brandon, MS. The second was a set of dormitory buildings for the U.S. Navy that were renovated in Pensacola, FL. Thrash has the experience and the team to help bring your LEED project to reality.

CPM (Critical Path Method) Scheduling

Our company has put a tremendous effort into training our Project Managers and Superintendents on Critical Path Method Scheduling. We have intentionally put our Project Managers through rigorous training on Oracle P6 scheduling software. This has helped us to become very strong at providing excellent scheduling services for our Clients. This has great benefit for all parties involved in the project including the Architect, Owner, and Contractor.

Our Superintendents and Project Managers are comfortable working together using the P6 Scheduling Software on a weekly and monthly basis to keep the Subcontractors on track and the Owner informed. This skill and service allows Thrash to keep the project on target for the Owner, avoid disputes and problems, and finish the project within the allowable time for the Owner’s benefit.