Project Details:

PROJECT: Region 8 Mental Health Services: Office Facility & Halfway House

Scope: This project consisted of two new buildings and the renovation of an existing building in Mendenhall, Mississippi. Both buildings were single story. One building was a 13,200 square feet office building with a structural steel frame, masonry exterior, and a flat, rubber roof. The other building was a 15,100 square feet wood framed building with an asphalt shingle roof and masonry exterior. This project was a fast paced project that was constructed on two different sites. This type of construction required that the superintendent and project manager spend a great deal of time coordinating both projects to insure that both went smoothly and stayed on track.

Logistics on this project required the contractor to work closely with the owner to insure that the owner could continue to provide their services while being moved to different offices throughout construction. Moving schedules had to be coordinated with construction schedules and buildings had to be turned over in time to allow for new patients that had been scheduled to use the facility months earlier.  There were also certain requirements that had to be followed due to working in close proximity with mentally ill patients.