Northwest Rankin High School

Project Details:

Size: 200,000 SF; Prime Contract  

Type: Educational Facility for Rankin County School District 

Description: The New Northwest Rankin High School at Flowood is a mix of 1-story and 2-story building section that have structural steel framing, steel joist and deck and loadbearing CMU for main support assemblies. The exterior envelope will consist of brick veneer, cast stone, decorative metal panels, aluminum storefront, and tapered insulation roof.  The Interior will consist of mainly painted CMU, metal stud framing with painted gypsum walls, dyed and polished concrete, decorative terrazzo, ceramic tile, lay-in tile ceiling, suspended ceiling cloud assemblies, and painted exposed structure.  Some notable features of the building are: open balcony administration area, media center, gymnasium, lecture hall and an exterior courtyard with elevated landscape areas.  This Project will accommodate approximately 4,595 occupants based on occupiable area.     

Negotiation/Bid: Public Bid Lump Sum Contract.