Morgan White Group

Project Details:

Size: 71,950 SF Renovation of Old Hederman Bros. Building; Prime Contract at completion.

Type: 71,950 SF Renovation of Old Hederman Bros. Building; Prime Contract at completion.


Extensive demolition and renovation project.  Challenges on this renovation included:

  1. Unforeseeable Conditions:
  2. During the demolition phase of this project, it was discovered the exterior walls had extensive damage caused by water intrusion resulting in damage that had occurred over an extended period of time. This damage required the added scope of work to demolish the exterior two-story walls back to the building structural steel frame, framing of new exterior walls, Installation of new gypsum board sheathing, weather/waterproofing and a new brick veneer exterior.
  3. Demolition of the interior metal wall framing revealed existing first and second floor slabs were severely out of level and exposed 1”-2” of deep depressions where floor patch had been used to attempt floor leveling one room at a time, leaving height variances from one side of the wall to the other. This condition required light weight concrete be poured over the entire second floor and one third of the first floor prior to layout and framing of new walls.
  4. Owner required Changes:
  5. During the course of this project there were many changes in Scope to accommodate the Owner’s needs including the addition of an extensive building technology package with upgrades to the building audio video systems, multiple conference room scheduling monitors, segmented access control and an added parking canopy structure complete with lighting, fire sprinklers and faux boxwood roof cover. Also, there were significant changes made to the Entry and focal point “Water Fountain” feature. The Owner requested changes be made to increase the fountain size and a variety of added fountain functions leading to an increase in both cost and added time for fountain delivery.

Thrash worked through all of these unforeseeable conditions and owner required changes during construction and assisted the Owner and Architect in resolving all the different needs.

Negotiation/Bid: Negotiated Contract with Private Business Customer