Our Story


Thrash Construction EmployeesThrash Commercial Contractors, Inc. has made some major steps as a general contractor since the inception of Tommy Thrash Construction, Inc. in 1977. From the construction of small residential additions to complex, multi-million dollar commercial projects, Thrash has been able to maintain the principles on which the company was formed. Those principles were and are dedication to superior construction and striving to insure that our customers’ needs are met.

In the early 1970’s, Tommy Thrash gained valuable field experience working for a commercial contractor for six years building projects such as Highland Village and the Clarion Ledger building in Jackson, MS. In 1977 Tommy started his own construction company known as Tommy Thrash Construction Co., Inc. Residential renovations led to the construction of new and larger custom homes. When the opportunity arose in the mid 1980’s to build convenience stores for Shell Oil Company, he did not hesitate because of his commercial construction field experience. The commercial work continued to come in throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s which lead to the decision to form Thrash Commercial Contractors, Inc. in 2001.

One of the main reasons the new company was developed was because of the focus that the two current shareholders, Matt McWilliams and Josh Thrash, were able to place on the business. Since 2001, the company has grown tremendously and is steadily expanding in size and the capability to handle increasing demands. Thrash Commercial started with commercial jobs in the Jackson MS and Brandon MS area in 2001 and has grown to a full service General Contractor that has completed over $40,000,000 in sales for the years 2016 and 2017. Josh Thrash is the current President of the company and has spent his entire life and career with this company. His educational background is in construction and design drafting, and he has 20 years experience in field construction. Matt McWilliams is a registered engineer with an educational background in engineering and law. He has 24 years of experience in engineering and construction. Thrash Commercial now works with clients such as the State of MS, Pearl Public Schools, Rankin County Schools, Nissan North America, the City of Brandon MS, and the Department of the Navy, among others.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Our founder, Tommy Thrash, has a basic philosophopy, “Communication is Key.” He knew that talking with Customers continuously from the early beginning of a project design until well after the project was finished was the key to ending up with a satisfied owner and a well constructed building. Even in the age of the Internet, email, and social media, this principle has not changed with Thrash. We teach our team members to continuously communicate with all members of the project team including the Owner, Architect, Engineers, and Subcontractors. We instruct our team to use the more modern, electronic means of communicating; but we also stress to them the importance of having old fashioned face to face conversations regularly and whenever necessary to keep the project flowing smoothly.

It’s Simple

We believe that if you are good at construction, the process should be simple and feel simple, even on a complicated project. Thrash uses highly qualified Superintendents and Project Managers on each job who have the ability to make the construction administration process flow simply. We seek to keep the project as elementary as possible for all Team players and the Owner. We place no more staff on a project than necessary in order to streamline decision making and responsibility. We identify and communicate clear roles for each project member so that confusion is eliminated. Each Owner and Architect will be made keenly aware of our chain of command for dealing with issues throughout the project so that the process is kept simple and problems are minimized. We have seen the value of making even complex projects as simple as possible so that the most work gets done in the shortest amount of time.

Follow the Contract

Most construction contracts between the Owner and Contractor are standard form contracts such as AIA, Design Build Institute of America, ConsensusDocs, etc…. These contracts have been used many times and cover most any issue or question that can arise on a project, but problems can develop when any of the team members arbitrarily decides to do something in a manner different from the contract requirements. Thrash puts a great deal of effort into teaching and showing the different Team members, including the Architect, Owner, Contractor, and Subcontractors, the utmost importance of “following the contract’ and adhering to all the requirements contained within the Contract Documents. We do not assume that all team members will automatically do this. We are constantly talking to, training, and reminding the Team Members of all the requirements so that the procedures will keep the project on track not only for our benefit, but the benefit of the Architect and Owner as well.

Meet and Schedule

We have learned and know the importance of meeting with each other and working diligently on the project critical path method schedule. Most people would think meetings and scheduling are a given on a construction project. However, projects can cover a long period of time and the team members can sometimes be separated by long distances geographically. This is why it is important to have a General Contractor who realizes the importance of face to face meetings and constant examination of the project schedule. Without these two things, projects can become stalled and lose time. We require our Subcontractors to meet weekly and coordinate work. We push our Owners and Architects to meet with us at least monthly and in some cases on a bi-weekly or weekly basis to keep the work obstacle free and moving as fast as possible. Also, we train our Project Managers and Superintendents on the importance of Critical Path Scheduling and on Oracle P6 Scheduling software. We know that our Field and Office Managers must have this vital skill of scheduling so that they can see the project as a whole and know what it will take to complete the entire process on time for the Owner.

Better Friends After the Project

Another principle of our Founder is that “we want to be better friends after the project is over than we were when it started.” This company has been around a long time, and we plan on being here many years into the future. We care about how our Customers feel about us as Contractors and as people. Thrash will do everything we can to continue the good reputation we have worked to build, and our Customers will be treated in the manner we would want to be treated.

Most every construction project, even if it goes very well, will encounter some sort of issue or problem. There are too many different people, companies, and products involved for some issue to not arise. Our commitment to our customer is that we will work to minimize those issues, deal with them head on, and do what we have to do in order to be a better friend with our Customer after the finish date than we were when we had the first project meeting.