Alternate Care Facilities

Services provided to manage and construct required facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Thrash Commercial Contractors has the ability to provide direct oversight and management of Project Managers & Superintendents; Superintendent and management for day and night construction shifts; and contract implementation and immediate engagement.

Our team is equipped to support the Army Corps of Engineers with general construction skills, including:

Schedule created by Thrash or as directed (Primavera P6)
On site supervision by superintendent

    • Subcontractor supervision for contract quality & requirements
    • Implement quality control for a mission critical timeline
    • Implement a safety plan for construction endeavors & COVID-19 wellbeing

Project Manager
Subcontractor coordination, subcontract execution, financial oversight of budget & schedule

    • Virtual coordination meetings held by PM
    • Expedited submittal review for necessary materials

Addressing mission critical initiatives by considering how Thrash can self-perform work as needed.
Continued implementation of COVID-19 evaluations for Thrash staff and anyone on site.

The Thrash team is confident in our abilities to serve the following states:

    • Mississippi – Main Office
    • Alabama
    • Florida (Panhandle) – Branch located here
    • Tennessee
    • Arkansas
    • Louisiana
    • Georgia
    • Texas

To accomplish our goals, we have engaged with our partner, Deployed Resources.  Thrash has a strong relationship with Deployed Resources by way of past projects and repeat business. Thrash has the ability to adhere to all applicable codes and regulations for ACFs, while Deployed Resources can provide all temporary facilities in a timely efficient manner. Thrash can provide a complete subcontractor base from award to final inspections for Divisions 1 through 33.

Deployed Resources can rapidly deploy temporary facilities and provide logistics management for government and commercial mission support including disasters and special events.

Learn more of our ACF capabilities